Database Reengineering

With evolving technologies and changing business needs, organizations periodically engage in database reengineering and application modernization projects. As a leading database consulting firm in India, United Technologies has enabled clients to successfully upgrade business processes to take advantage of advances in internet, web, social networking, and mobile technologies. Organizations are re-assessing their IT needs in order to re-engineer existing legacy applications for achieving future business objectives and profit goals. United Technologies IT and Database consultants actively engage in both planning and implementation phases of database upgrades, database migrations, database redesign, web enabling databases, data conversions, and other integration efforts.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of database consultants provides database re-engineering expertise for platforms including Oracle Enterprise database, Open Source MySQL database, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases. United Technologies understands client business requirements individually along with the intricacies involved in the technical implementation process. United Technologies helps its clients in database engineering efforts with assessing the current legacy environment and developing the strategic road map for achieving improved target information management architecture.

Our Oracle and Microsoft database consultants help customers transform their IT applications and underlying database systems to an simple and extensible architecture that leverages the latest technologies and robust integration frameworks. United Technologies has a proven record of working with business organizations with unique IT application needs.

Our database and application re-engineering methodology features a combination of top down and bottom up approach for the implementation of a service-oriented structural design. This helps to provide a proper level of service, governance and security while managing other transition risks. Our methodology also allows for collaboration amongst IT stakeholders and business owners.

Our approach and processes focus on re-engineering existing applications to newer architecture that support ongoing business changes and enables scalability for business growth.

United Technologies is one of the best database consulting firms in India with decades of experience in new database design, extending existing database designs, architecting WEB DATABASES, upgrade of databases to newer versions, back end integration of enterprise and ecommerce databases, XML databases, data warehousing, data mining, analytics, reporting, data conversion, and migration of access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Open Source MySQL database. United Technologies database consultant group has in-depth expertise in database security, performance turning, database scaling, database clusters, high availability, and disaster recovery.