Salesforce CRM - Key Features

Sales Force Automation - Have all customer data in one central repository, not split up or duplicated on multiple computers and between multiple users.

Marketing Automation - Salesforce marketing empowers integrated marketing and sales applications with automated lead conversion, real-time analytics to measure and optimise campaigns, multichannel campaign management.

Service and Support - provides its own suite of services, programs and best practices that afford continous improvement for customers.

Full Customer Profiles - Salesforce can provide a highly detailed customer profile to its users at any time. This information includes things like account history, important contacts, previous interactions, assets they possess, partners involved with the project, sales data, key relationships, and noteworthy documents.

Analytics and Forecasting - Analytics allow you to get a detailed snapshot of your business on a moment's notice. It has dashboards that can show your company's key performance indicators and reporting tools that can be fully customized. Business planning and estimating sales revenue is also much easier through forecasting capabilities that are built into the system.

Email and Calendar Integration - Salesforce can be fully integrated with email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Lotus Notes. This integration includes complete synchronization with address books and calendars. It also allows users to access prior emails even if they're offline and set up email templates that can be personalized when dealing with potential customers. - The Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) enables developers to create and deliver any kind of business application, entirely on-demand and without software. This very new concept allows companies to transform their ideas into applications in record time.