Database Support Services

United Technologies Database Support Services focus on providing effective database ADMINISTRATION , monitoring, and troubleshooting solutions for popular database technologies including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Open Source MySQL.

Database monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting are a critical part of our DBA CONSULTING support services. United Technologies has an expert team of online database consultants who have experience maintaining large scale database systems, internet e-commerce databases, as well as decision support databases. With a firm track record of servicing prestigious clients, United Technologies can help companies with diverse business needs to evaluate their current database and overall IT needs, DEVELOP a comprehensive administration and monitoring support plan that ensures high availability and minimizes service disruptions.

Routine database monitoring activities performed by United Technologies DBA consultants include checking database space allocations, database resources, database file system space, and automated backups & maintenance. Our expert DBA Consultants also provide troubleshooting tasks including round the clock support & remediation, restoring database from a backup, and root cause analysis of critical events.

United Technologies is one of the best database consulting firms in India area with decades of experience in new database design, extending existing database designs, architecting WEB DATABASES , upgrade of databases to newer versions, back end integration of enterprise and ecommerce databases, XML databases, data warehousing, data mining, analytics, reporting, data conversion, and migration of access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Open Source MySQL database. United Technologies database consultant group has indepth expertise in database security, performance turning, database scaling, database clusters, high availability, and disaster recovery.